Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, Friday., October 16, 2020 2:00p-3:00p

Sterring committee members in attendence: Dawn Howard, Kyle Miller, Robert Khane, Angela Graham, Bret Walker
  1. Reading and approval of the minutes.

    • Bret called the meeting to order
  2. Reports of Officers, Boards, Standing Committees.

  3. Reports of Special Committees.

    • Discussion of ongoing apps and projects:
      • Renters rights has stalled out a bit
        • No response from the law student who had been working with Bret, but she’s been busy helping out with lots of other groups. Do not want to bug too much.
        • Kyle offered to get his firm to help if we needed it
        • Angela also offered to help with housing groups
      • Apocalyptic Acres -> setting up with Weebly website (Bret and Ryane)
      • Commenting App: have a new API
        • Bret created a skeleton, Robert will reach out to people who might want to demo the project.
      • Teacher’s Swap Meet -> table until the pandemic is over.
        • Bret points out we are pretty good as a B to B org
  4. Special Orders.

  5. Unfinished Business and General Orders.
    • New board members are needed to get more representation. We have that letter, but didn’t send it. Robert is investigating one lead, Bret is trying to make connections with another prospective board member.
  6. New Business.

    • Angela said if anybody had input on the city’s COVID-19 dashboard, especially around opening the data, to send her.
    • Robert is creating an app about the legislative session based on the app he created last year, and is trying to find people to be testers.
  7. Adjournment.

    • Meeting adjourned