Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, Thurs., January 16, 2020 6:00p-7:30p

Louisville Free Public Library, St. Matthews Branch, 3940 Grandview Avenue, 40207

Steering Committee Members in Attendees:

  • Angela Graham
  • Loren Hill
  • Dawn Howard
  • Robert Kahne
  • Ryane Puckett
  • Bret Walker

Also in Attendance:

  • Aaron Drake

Aaron talked to us about a Louisville Data Commons, a community data sharing site. Anyone in the community can submit a data set and the committee decides whether it’s appropriate. Lots of government data and health data and looking for a broader coverage. This is in the early outreach phase. Possible partnership opportunity for CfK to produce data sets for needed things.

Robert called meeting to order

  1. Reading and approval of the minutes.

    • Bret moved to approve the minutes. Minutes approved with no objections.
  2. Reports of Officers, Boards, Standing Committees.

  3. Reports of Special Committees.

    • Discussion of ongoing apps and projects:
      • Kyle will be meeting with AOC about Courtbot
      • Renters Rights – Loren and Ryane tabled at the MHC state of housing address and talked some stakeholders that liked the app. MHC/Housing Authority are ready to provide testers and get the app rolling. Need Ben Carter to review some of the legal points.
      • Teacher app – meeting was held a week ago. Looking less like a swap meet and more of flagging and sharing resources. Developers will show us a protype soon. Meeting to be held in three weeks to discuss details, governance, etc. Open question: who will host?
      • Robert suggested we ask CFA for sponsorship for one year of hosting various site projects
      • KentuckianaWorks – no updates. Robert has an idea for who can help with date modeling
      • Commenting app – need to re-recruit at our next meeting for developers. We have a good framework.
    • CFK + IxDA Meetup
      • Monday 10/28 6-8
  4. Special Orders.

  5. Unfinished Business and General Orders.

  6. New Business.

    • Angela on equity. We need a framework for when someone pitches us a project that we have a checklist of who it impacts and helps and who in the community is involved in consulting / helping / doing tech.
      • How can we seek out projects as opposed to projects that people bring to us.
    • Events for 2020
      • Sunday 23rd 2-6. Americana.
      • March 7th open data day – partner with the city
    • Bret moved that we remove Kehontas and Chris from the Steering Committee due to not living in Louisville. Robert seconded. No opposition.

    • Discussion of actionable strategies to increase diversity of our steering committee.
    • Bret moved the Ryane be made co-caption. Dawn second. No opposition.
  7. Adjournment.

    • Meeting adjourned.