Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, Tues., October 22 9, 2019 6:00p-7:30p

Louisville Metro Public Health Department 400 E. Gray St., Louisville, KY 40202

Angela Graham Kyle Miller Bret Walker Robert Kahne

Also in attendance: Austyn Hill

  • Robert called meeting to order
  1. Reading and approval of the minutes.
  • Kyle moved to bring meeting to order. Bret seconded. Approved.
  1. Reports of Officers, Boards, Standing Committees.
  • Robert reporting on Brigade Congress
    • Talked about collaborating with Indiana brigades. Indy brigade working on rentry app for women exiting prision.
    • Code for Boston member/caseworker has calculator for caseworkers to Social Security windfall tax
      • Robert will reach out to John Yarmith’s office to see if there’s interst in using the app here
    • Discussion of CourtBot. Bret and Kyle have a call with Administrative Office of the Court contact to discuss.
    • Open data bill may be introduced in 2020 General Assembly. How can we help?
    • Robert discussed the value of a monthly meetup, which was a key aspect of other brigades he spoke with at the Congress
  1. Reports of Special Committees.
  • Discussion of ongoing apps and projects:
    • Renters’ rights
      • Bret stil working. Hoping to snag a UX person at IxDA meetup, then take back to partners.
    • Teacher swap meet site
      • Repository/hub of resources for teachers. A couple of meetings have happened, and the next step is to meet in early November. JCTA working on getting teachers together for focus group.
    • KentuckianaWorks project
      • Austyn working on something, may have something for IxDA meetup
    • Commenting app
      • Main developer haivng trouble getting approval for working on a side project, but it’s moving up the chain. Bret will send an email to Angela, Michael, Di, and Ben Carter to see about a simple POC.
    • Robert hosting event with SPJ
      • Nov 21 at Smoketown Collecive - focused on data wrangling R
  • CFK + IxDA Meetup
    • Monday 10/28 6-8
  1. Special Orders.

  2. Unfinished Business and General Orders.

  • Robert will send out survey
  1. New Business.
  • Austyn Hill discussed sponsorship by Software Guild
  • Bret brought up how to host sites. Can CFA help us?
  1. Adjournment.
    • Bret motioned to adjourn. Angela seconded. Meeting adjourned.