Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, Mon., September 9, 2019 6:00p-7:30p

The Smoketown Collective 900 S Shelby St, Louisville, KY 40203

Ryane Puckett Angela Graham Dawn Howard Kyle Miller Bret Walker Robert Kahne

. Reading and approval of the minutes.

  • Dawn moved to approve, Bret seconded. Minutes approved.
  1. Reports of Officers, Boards, Standing Committees.
  • No reports.
  1. Reports of Special Committees.
  • Discussion of ongoing apps and projects:
    • Renters’ rights
      • Bret still working on app. Hoping to get it to get some basic styling done on it soon so we can start veting it with partners.
    • Teacher swap meet site
      • Things are starting to move
      • Emilie Blanton and Don Baker, teachers active in JCTA, met with Robert and introduced him to Brent McKim, president of JCTA
      • Robert to meet with Brent, a JCTA liason, and JCPS on Thursday
      • Robert has a couple of people who are intersted in developing
      • Robert plans to get together with those people and report back
    • KentuckianaWorks project
      • Wanted to develop app to allow people to show people possible careers, display connections between jobs
      • Kyle looking into licenses (O*Net database/API have different licenses)
      • Bret created repo for Austyn Hill to upload data set she worked on at the event
      • Need interested parties to move forward
    • Commenting app
      • Angela followed up
      • Meeting on 22nd with Ben, Angela, and two developers
      • 2 ideas:
        • commeting app to capture contact
        • something that would make a widget and let other folks use the same concept on their site
  1. Special Orders.

  2. Unfinished Business and General Orders.

  • Robert will send out survey
  1. New Business.
  • Robert going to do an RStudio Cloud event with SPJ to teach some basic data wrangling
  • Ryane and Robert going to brigade congress (Oct 18-20)
    • Bret will order stickers
  • Ryane willing to be co-chair since Kehontas has moved away from Louisville
  • Discussion of a potential joing CFK-IxDA Meetup
  1. Adjournment.
    • Bret moved to adjourn, Dawn seconded. Meeting adjourned.