Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, Monday, June 24, 2019 6:00p-7:30p

Louisville Free Public Main Library Community Room


  • Bret Walker
  • Robert Kahne
  • Chris Harrell
  • Loren Hill
Reading and approval of the minutes
  • Minutes read and approved unanimously
Reports of Officers, Boards, Standing Committees
  • No reports
Reports of Special Committees
Discussion of renters’ rights app
  • Update on renters’ rights app, meeting scheduled with MHC for July 1
Discussion of Center for Health Equity project
  • Project has changed significantly because of LMG budget, Robert will be touching base to follow up to regroup
Special Orders
  • No Special Orders
Unfinished Business and General Orders.
Discuss proposed KentuckianaWorks project
  • Brian talked to KentuckianWorks and staff are excited about it
    • Capacity is limited to work on project, might be best to bring it to the big meetup after gathering more specifics on project scope
MOU Transfer
  • Completed, easier process than expected. Robert is point of contact
Board expansion
  • Board will reach out to contacts and invite them to July meeting
New Business
Discuss next community event
  • Planned for July 20 but momentum has slowed, regroup after steering committee rebuilds a bit, renters’ rights project is farther along
Other business
  • Ben Carter project idea - KEJC frequently asks public to comment on regulation changes and would like to create a website to track comments and submit them, allows KEJC to tag commenters, makes commenting easier, similar to ResistBot it could create form letters. Other groups may use this kind of site as well.
    • Could possibly extend this to the state and city reg changes
    • This project could be a great one to create at a Hack-a-Thon
  • Generic business cards
  • Discussion of open data in Kentucky. Robert mentioned that Rob Wiederstein may be working on an open data portal.
  • Meeting adjourned.