Steering Committee Minutes Agenda, Friday, May 31, 2019 6:00p-8:00p

Smoketown Collective 900 S. Shelby St. Louisville, KY 40203


  • Bret Walker - Minutes
  • Robert Kahne - Chair
  • Chris Harrell
  • Dawn Howard
Reading and approval of the minutes.
  • Meeting called to order.
  • Robert moved to accept mins
  • Bret seconded
  • Approved
Special New Business Item
  • We bumped this item to the front of the meeting so our guest speaker could leave before regular business
  • Brian Luerman of KentuckianaWorks spoke about a project idea he has to build a portal to allow Project CASE/OptionsUnlimited/etc. career counselors to vet their clients’ resumes and post them for local businesses to view
  • This shouldn’t be another jobs site, it should be focused on enhancing the workflow between non-profit career counselors and businesses
  • The board expressed interest, and will follow up with Brian
No new reports of Officers, Boards, Standing Committees.
Reports of Special Committees.
Renters’ Rights Update
  • Loren and Bret had met to discuss the features needed in the app the breakout of the pages
  • Bret is continuing to work on wireframes to take to our partners for their feedback
  • We hope to meet with at least one partner before the next steering committee meeting
Center for Health Equity Project Update
  • The team delivered some results after a round of feedback and are waiting to hear back about whether any more assistance on the original project is needed
  • Robert will work on writing up the work
  • The Center has asked for assistance building an interactive visualization of people and networks in the housing and econonmic development space in Louisville. Robert is following up.
  • Bret asked Robert to think about how this project could be made collaborative using Github and issues
Tax Project Update
  • Dawn has been working with Code for America that is seeking to close the gap on the earned income tax credit (EITC)
  • A number of people do not file a tax return even when they are owed an EITC because they do not know how worthwhile it is
  • Dawn has been providing guidance as a CPA, tax preparer, and former VITA volunteer
  • CfA is moving forward with some beta testing
No Special Orders.
Unfinished Business and General Orders.
  • There was discussion of Kehontas move. She was unable to attend the meeting due to a time difference, and Robert will reach out to her to discuss how much she is able to be involved in the organization going forward.
  • Robert will also discuss transferring the MOU
  • The board discussed expanding the board, and each member present discussed potential candidates that they had spoken to. The board agreed to move forward with discussions with these candidates.
  • The board discussed when we would hold our next event and meeting.
  • Bret moved for meeting to adjourned
  • Dawn seconded
  • Meeting adjourned