Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, April 29, 2019 6:30p-8:30p

Louisville Free Public Main Library North Building Board Room


  • Kehontas Rowe
  • Loren Hill
  • Bret Walker - Minutes
  • Robert Kahne - Chair
  • Chris Harrell
  • Dawn Howard

Meeting called to order.

Robert moved to accept mins Bret seconded Approved

No new reports of Officers, Boards, Standing Committees.
Reports of Special Committees.
Renters’ Rights Update
  • Loren talked to MHC and they’re excited to continue working with us on this app
  • Loren has also talked to Urban League
  • We will try to schedule a meeting with partners before the next meeting
  • Bret, Loren, Kehontas will try to get together by May 10
  • Kehontas may have contact from River City Housing
Center for Health Equity Project Update
  • Angela came to last meeting
  • Robert got some people from R Stats Meetup
  • Jake Mercer, Eric Cook, and Robert met
  • Center for Health Equity wanted to look at jail data
  • Center for Health Equity came out with research questions and the working group worked through questions w data
  • Working group met with Center for Health Equity and presented their data, got feedback, and are polishing up what they’re working on
  • Robert will try to get together w working group and figure out how to publish
  • (Cross talk about budget cuts)
  • Bret brought up how to publish the data, research, and open up future work for additional collaborators
  • Robert will try to talk about work at R Stats meetup
No Special Orders.
Unfinished Business and General Orders.
  • Robert brought up expanding the steering committee
  • Pat Smith has constrints on his time and had to step down
  • Kehontas discussed making an open call for steering committee members
  • Kehontas and Robert discussed inviting partners to consider joingin the steering committee
  • Loren brought up reaching out to people from our initial organizational meeting
  • Various people spoke about reaching out to contacts they know
New Business.
  • Bret asked about another large meetup
  • Robert said we had discussed meeting quarterly
  • Board discusssed holding meeting in July, possibly July 20
  • Robert discussed bringing in someone to talk about KORA
  • Chris discussed an open data ordinance session

  • Scheduled next meeting for 6:30pm May 31, 2019

No further business.

Bret moved for meeting to adjourned Kehontas seconded Meeting adjourned