Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, March 28, 2019 6:00p-8:00p

Louisville Free Public Main Library North Building Board Room


  • Kehontas Rowe* - Minutes
  • Loren Hill*
  • Bret Walker*
  • Robert Kahne* - Chair
  • Angela Graham

(* Steering Committee Member)

Meeting called to order.

No new reports of Officers, Boards, Standing Committees.
No new reports of Special Committees.
No Special Orders.
Unfinished Business and General Orders.
Center for Health Equity
  • Angela Graham - Gave an introduction to the Center for Health Equity current work and potential work around the current budget issues and how they affect health equity for Louisville. Collecting data from various sources and analyzing to help build the assessment.
  • Bret recommended a repo for the raw data to crowdsource the analytics.
  • Looking at data to find ways to assist persons as well as after
  • Robert recommended collaborating with R coding group.
Renters Rights App
  • Loren went to the potential Tenets Union meeting.
    • Everybody seemed to be excited about the idea but there wasn’t clear leadership.
    • She shared about our idea and people were excited.
    • Our project presents the opportunity for people to do something immediately.
    • Got a few names of people.
  • Need to schedule another meeting with our partners.
  • Urban League is very excited.
    • They have a “housing” person who deals with renters but also everybody else.
  • Goals for next meeting: setting the meeting with partners and taking a few steps towards a technical team.
Event Survey
  • Text is complete.
  • We cannot send an email to just the attendees, so we will send it through Meetup.
  • Need to remember to have a sign-in sheet at the next meetings.
  • Bret will convert it to a form, Robert will send it out.
  • Will include boilerplate about “Fill this out if you attended! If you didn’t, follow us on social media to know about the next meeting!” etc etc
Event Write-Up
  • Bret did a write-up. Loren also had robust notes and will add to the write up.
  • Bret will bug Pat and Michael to add their stuff to the document.
  • We hope to have this up by the end of the week (3/29).
New Business.
  • Kentucky Open Government Coalition
    • Do they have a project?
    • We should express support and let them know we want to keep an open channel and help with any projects that come up.
    • Potentially doing a workshop at one of next event.
  • The Bail Project and the Teachers Project have not seen a lot of progress, but we still see each other as partners, and may pick these back up soon.
    • The Bail Project has a project idea but we need to potentially have a meeting down the road.
  • Steering Committee Turnover
    • Two people have left due to time commitments.
    • We all agree that we need to get the number of people higher.
    • Kehontas talked to Luther who came to our last meeting.
    • Angela from the Center for Health Equity also is a possibility.

No further business.

Bret moved to adjourn. Kehontas seconded. Motion approved. Meeting adjourned.